Javier Blanco Portillo

Hola qué tal 🌻

I'm a Biology PhD candidate at Stanford University working under the supervision of Prof. Marcus Feldman and Prof. Alexander Ioannidis. Funded by Stanford's Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship (SIGF), my current interests are:

To expand upon our historical analysis of Polynesian settlement patterns (see below), incorporating these insights into precision medicine strategies tailored to admixed minority populations who remain underrepresented in modern genomic databases.

To extend the study of gene-culture coevolution (also known as dual inheritance theory), leveraging high-dimensional datasets across diverse disciplines to illuminate the dynamic relationships between genes, culture, and ecology.

To help understand the evolution of languages, particularly creoles, by borrowing techniques from population genetics.

Published projects I have worked on

And some photos too! For more details, you can visit my Google Scholar page.

"When I say infinity, I mean now

Kiss the one you are right now

Kiss your body up and down, other than your elbows

'Cause as for your elbows, they're on their own

Wandering like a rolling stone

Rubbing up against the edges of experience"

Big Thief, Spud Infinity